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TAG Clan was started as a Star Wars Republic Commando clan in 2005. We have since grown into (and fallen out of) a variety of games on the PC platform, including FPS and RPGs. We have an international member base with members from every continent except Antarctica. We play competitions and tournaments against other clans and guilds, hold internal events, and maintain a skill requirement to join, but we are not a clan built entirely around competing. Many of us are here just to have fun, and we pride ourselves on having a diversified community that does more than just gaming together. TAG is a recursive acronym that stands for TAG Action Gaming.

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What is a gaming clan? Why join one?

In the most basic sense, a clan or guild is just an exclusive group that plays an online video game and distinguishes itself. We don't always have to play on the same team (depending on the type of game), but nonetheless a certain reputation goes along with membership. Our members wear a "gaming tag" with their names to identify themselves as TAGs.

Perhaps the clearest reason for joining a clan is to play more competitively in a game. Like a sports team, the clan carries a reputation based on performance. Players can practice with their clan to build up teamwork and strategies, which provides a significant competitive advantage over a team of people who've rarely played together. Also, because players online often don't know each other in "real life" and come from different timezones, it would be very difficult to coordinate events without clans and guilds to organize them.

Many players may not even be fully aware of the extent to which clans influence the communities in online games. You can see by browsing a server list that most game servers tend to be both financed and controlled by clans. Even though we compete with one another, most clans mutually agree on certain rules of player conduct, and in some cases may pool our resources to enforce it. Being in a clan helps show your support for playing fair and gives you representation by established groups that can often resolve conflicts more effectively.

Beyond the game, a clan is a great way to meet people and make new friends from places all around the world. Our members aren't required to participate in competitions, and we do more than gaming together. We encourage members to take on projects, collaborate, learn things, and be creative. Our members mod games, design graphics, write articles, play music, program software, and do just about anything we have a common interest in and can share online.

Our Projects

Below are just a few projects of note or particular interest to the community. Learn more about the mods below and some useful tools on our modding page.

  • Republic Commando Server Mod (Phobos)
    New game modes, server administration, and additional online multiplayer features.
  • Republic Commando Client Mod (Phobos)
    Re-skin players and the environment, new console commands and functionality.
  • SWRC Server (Danny)
    We rent a game server to host mods for the community to play. Please consider making a donation to help keep it running with the button above. (Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.)

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