Republic Commando Mods

SWRC Client ModClient Mod

The client mod makes SWRC more competitive by re-skinning players and the environment, removing clutter (such as dead bodies that can hide active grenades), disabling gun recoil, and more. This mod also adds some additional functionality accessible via the console for online play. Download and install the client mod to use the features. Click above for instructions and a list of commands.

Republic Commando Server ModServer Mod

The server mod runs on the game server - no need to download or install anything on your side! - and adds several new multiplayer game types including King of the Hill and Dominator, enforces more competitive rules, and adds some extra multiplayer features. This mod also allows for easier administration and prevention of noobing, spamming, and certain hacks. Click above for game mode explanations and a full list of features.

Modding Tools


UnrealEd (Unreal Editor, UEd) is used to create new maps, edit levels, and develop mods for games based on Unreal engine, like Republic Commando. A version of the program was distributed with SWRC update 1.0, and a link to download the update is available in the patches section on our Republic Commando game page. Once you've installed the update, UnrealEd can found at %ProgramFiles%\LucasArts\Star Wars Republic Commando\GameData\System\UnrealEd.exe.

UnrealScript Syntax HighlightingUnrealScript Syntax Highlighting

We've assembled a language definition file for UnrealScript to make sharing and reading UScript files on the web easier. The definition file works with SHJS, which needs to be implemented on your site first, then you can download the UnrealScript definition (right click and select "Save Target As" - please don't hotlink to it directly or you will be blocked!) and use it with the HTML class sh_uscript.

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