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TAG Action Gaming Clan is a community of gamers playing
both competitively and just for fun. From all around the world,
we come together to face off in online matches and put
everyone's creative talents to work in developing the most
advanced server mods for Republic Commando, rolling out
news on the latest game updates, learning new things
together, or whatever fun projects we decide to take on.

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Games We Play

Star Wars Republic Commando First-person shooter based in the Clone Wars era
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Team Fortress 2 Rival construction companies duel it out in a cartoon world
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Star Wars Battlefront II Ground and space combat in the fight for control of the galaxy
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League of Legends Magic combat in structured battles, combining strategy with RPG
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Objective-oriented first-person shooter
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pizzabeast6, Private



Status Updates

FatherSabre: The coincidence is reel.
Enigma: Life is complicated, but that is what makes success all the more rewarding.
Templar: http://www.mandoa.org/minimal/
Templar: mav shi nah jorhaa'ir Mando bat site the jii bat http://www.mandoa.org/minimal/

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Sat., Apr. 19, 2014 11:32:30 PM

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