November 17, 2015

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TAG Clan

Established in 2005, TAG Action Gaming Clan is a community
of gamers playing both competitively and just for fun. With
members from all around the world, we bring players
together with diverse backgrounds and skills, and
encourage taking on projects beyond just gaming.

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Games We Play

Team Fortress 2 Rival construction companies duel it out in a cartoon world
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Star Wars Battlefront II Ground and space combat in the fight for control of the galaxy
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League of Legends Magic combat in structured battles, combining strategy with RPG
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Objective-oriented first-person shooter
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Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Fight epic battles from the Star Wars universe
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Obscenebean, Lance Corporal



Status Updates

Apple: "Work hard, and you can have whatever it is you want." -- Eric Thomas
lead: Battlefront is 50% off, get it naow!
Agonist: I'm not new to this, coming from the 6 side.
Capgun: Lillard for MVP?

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Sat., Feb. 6, 2016 1:15:16 AM

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