Why Should You Join TAG Clan?

If you want to meet cool people, learn new things, and of course dominate in-game, TAG Clan promises a unique experience that extends beyond the game. Read on to find out why.


Our members have been keeping this clan going since 2005. Though the games we support change occasionally as preferences and interests change, the relationships you build with other members in TAG Clan are long lasting and at the heart of what makes up the clan. You'll get to know and interact with people of various ages and backgrounds from countries all around the world.

Republic Commando


We were the first to bring several new game modes to Republic Commando with a server mod our members developed. We're always collaborating on projects and discovering new ways to do things. Whether your interest is in writing, graphic design, computer programming, or purely racking up the most kills in-game, you can almost always find other members in TAG Clan to help you improve your skills and support you through whatever you want to achieve.

Republic Commando Server Mod


It all comes down to fun and games! Sure, we take on big projects that our members put a lot of hard work into, but we're a group of people who share a passion for creating and doing things. The payoff is getting to use our creations and seeing other people benefit from them. You don't have to know how to write computer code to enjoy playing a simulated duel to the death as a giant flying bug inside an assault ship on our mods.

Team Fortress 2

Be Part of It

Submit your application to join. Anyone can apply. Since we are a competitive gaming clan, we do require applicants to try out in-game, but if you don't make the cut the first time, you can always try again later!

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April 2024


Reasons to join TAG Clan

Reason #7: We've been around since 2005.


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