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TAG Action Gaming Clan was founded in 2005 for Republic Commando. Since then we have grown internationally and expanded to support more games, including Star Wars Battlefront II.

We play scrimmages competitively and seek out players with talent for owning in-game; however, we are not strictly competitive and welcome players who just want to have fun without obligation. TAG is an amazing community of people with all kinds of backgrounds, brought together by the common interest of the games we play.

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If you play SWBFII and want to make new friends, do awesome stuff together, and be a part of something great, then we'd love to meet over a round of Battlefront II. Just click the button above to start your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your gaming style in SWBFII?

Our members play in their own ways, however we do encourage good sportsmanship and shun over-use of the heavy classes against infantry, excessive grenade or mine spamming, and just about any other cheap tactic. We play with a respect for marksmanship, teamwork, and planning. We don't compromise finesse just to get a kill, we'd rather win in style.

When did TAG start playing SWBFII?

Short answer: The beginning of 2012. But we've sort of been there the whole time...

When we first looked at Battlefront II as a possible game for expansion, during the same year of its release, we were still a relatively small clan and there was already another clan called TAG in the game. We formed a loose partnership with that clan where their members would join us for Republic Commando and ours would join them for Battlefront II. This partner clan went on to merge with another clan and changed its name to GWO.

Eventually, our partner clan ended up disbanding and for a long period, due mostly to lack of interest from our members, we did not support Battlefront II at all. After a renewed interest in the game, perhaps in some part thanks to Steam carrying it, we began supporting Battlefront II independently at the start of 2012.

What does TAG stand for?

TAG is a recursive acronym that stands for TAG Action Gaming. (Yes, the T stands for TAG, that's what makes it recursive.) So you might say TAG stands for TAG, in both a literal and figurative way. The clan is made up of, and changes with, a dynamic and diversified community held together by an interest in gaming.

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