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Welcome to TAG's Star Wars Republic Commando server mod page. If this page does not contain the information you are looking for, or you wish to ask any questions about our mod, try our Mod Board.

Servers And Hosts:

Our Professional Server is UP! (32 Slots)

  • TAGClan.Net
  • Dallas, Texas

The server costs money to run, any donation of any amount is GREATLY appreciated!

Custom Game Modes:

  • CS

    Counter-Strike. Its name says it all! Just like CSS, this game mode is round base, and players have only one life in which to win the round with. If a player dies they will be forced to spectate team members until the round is over. To win the round you must eliminate the entire opposing team, so there is none left. Alternatively you could either wait until the round time runs out (and so the designated "defending team" will win) or, if available, the attacking team can win by running the Flag like standard ASsualt.

  • KO

    Knock Out is a thrilling game mode, similar to CS, with the distinct difference that instead of dying, you become incapacitated. The objective is the same as above: Eliminate the opposing team. However, a player that has been KOed can come back if a team member stands within range long enough to revive the KOed player. Thus eliminating the opposing team isn't over until the fat lady sings!

  • MNC

    Menace. This game is similar to DM, with the notable difference that when you die, your score is lost. Thus the only way to achieve the goal score is with a single kill streak, hence the name "Menace."

  • TMNC

    Similar to the above MNC, Team Menace combines all player's kill streaks to form the team score. Thus certain players in the team will become more valuable than others, and also become bigger targets, as their death would yeild a higher decrease in the team's score.

  • CTF2.0

    Almost identical to the original CTF with its only difference being the scoring of individual players (doesn't affect how teams score). Flag running becomes much more rewarding. Traditionally players earn 5 points for capping a flag, in this game these 5 points are spread out: 1 point for capping, and 4 points for the distance it is carried towards the base (Which means if you run the flag backwards you will lose up to 4 points). In addition to the 5 points for flag running mentioned above, players will also earn a small bonus over time which is weighted on how much danger they are in. This bonus varies from 0 pts/s up to 0.1 pts/s. As for returning the flag, originally players got +1 for killing the flag bearer (like all other kills) and +3 for returning the flag. Now players earn +2 for this kill, and +2 for the return.

  • KOTH

    KOTH stands for King Of The Hill. In this game mode there is one Hill, usually in the centre of the map, and often designated by the two flags, and some holographic effects. The objective is for your team to "control" the hill. The Hill is only controlled if one or more players from one team is within the Hill's boundaries. If one player from each team is on the Hill, then the Hill becomes "contended" and no points are given until this status changes. Your team is rewarded score over the time that you control the Hill.


    Multi-King of the Hill, similar to KOTH, has the main difference that there is more than one hill. However, only one hill is active at any one time, and is designated by the prescence of the Flags and the Compass. As before only the single team which controls the active hill will recieve points. While the opposing team has the chance to either move into position in anticipation of the activation of the next hill, or to assualt the current hill like traditional KOTH.

  • DMR

    DMR Stands for Dominator. In this game one player is chosen to be the Dominator, and is the only player on the red team. If the dominator is killed he is "Dominated." The one to Dominate the Dominator takes his position replacing him as the only player on red team. Players scramble over one and another to hunt down the lone Dominator. Only the Dominator may win. Even if you have the winning score you must become the Dominator and earn one more kill before the game ends.

  • DMR2.0

    Dominator 2.0 is exactly the same as standard dominator with the only difference that isntead of one dominator there are multiple dominators. The number of dominators depend on the number of current players, the ratio being 3:1, every 4th player is a dominator. Thus allowing the essence of dominator to be entwined with the strategy of team play.

Available Sub-Game Modes:

  • InstaGib

    This Game Mode can be played in conjunction with all the above. When InstaGib is activated, players spawn with Snipers, and only Snipers. They are unable to pickup any additional weapons, and the Snipers are set to one hit kill, thus creating an intense unpredictable gameplay -- Everyone's a real danger.

  • Dueling

    This mod allows you to engage in a 1 on 1 duel with any other player in the server at anytime (provided you are both alive and are not already in a duel)! simply type the command
    /duel [id]
    Both your health and shields will be restored before and after the duel (unless you are the loser, in which case you will respawn instead).

Game Features:

  • Delayed Bacta Tanks

    Bacta has a 5 seconds cool down; If you are struck, you will have to wait for 5 seconds before you may use any bacta.

  • Whisper

    For a private conversation simply type the command
    This will return a list of all players and their respective id numbers. Then type the command
    /w [id] [message]
    to send a private message straight to them!

  • Technical Frags

    If you engage an enemy who ends up killing himself, you will be rewarded that frag, as long as you were the last person to shoot him. This will not make you team kill however.

  • Momentum

    When ever you sustain a blow, whether it be melee or an explosive, you will be propelled. This can be exploited with fast fire weapons to constantly knockback your enemies, either to stick them to a wall or just to throw out their aim. It is recommended you try out weapons such as the Anti-Armor (which does 0 damage) and use these to propel yourself, enemies, and team mates across the map!

  • Stagger (Currently Disabled)

    Hate noobs that run away from the fight in search for bacta because you're better than them? Well our mod has the trick for you! Whilst on low life players will have reduced movement speed, making them easier to hit, and harder for them to run away.

In The Works:

For a list of items that are being worked on please visit our Mod Board.

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