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nation fungusAdvisor Vet.
nation RazorMajor
nation LonelyAngelMajor
nation TAGTemplier2nd Lieutenant
nation spanner2nd Lieutenant
nation DeadlyLove1st Sergeant
nation Sparky1st Sergeant
nation Fear1st Sergeant
nation hermit071st Sergeant
nation discraceSergeant 1st Class
nation ChrisSergeant 1st Class
nation LancerSergeant 1st Class
nation fuzzyStaff Sergeant
nation pankySergeant
nation CandleFireCorporal
nation JasiCorporal
nation souldiverCorporal
nation chilleCorporal
nation Polaris-CPL-Corporal
nation DuckCorporal
nation austCorporal
nation -Suffy_Lance Corporal
nation vengeanceLance Corporal
nation xRDVxSpecialist
nation Reaper7Specialist
nation GizmoSpecialist
nation TAGPhsicoPrivate 1st Class
nation WolFPrivate 1st Class
nation GokuPrivate 1st Class
nation happycupPrivate 1st Class
nation DicePrivate 1st Class
nation chuhdPrivate 1st Class
nation AirXPrivate 1st Class
nation PyroPrivate 1st Class
nation yamaha224Private 1st Class
nation titan356Private 1st Class
nation IonPrivate 1st Class
nation n4styPrivate 1st Class
nation AlphaPrivate 2
nation AngelusPrivate 2
nation LexiconPrivate 2
nation GoberPrivate 2
nation pizzabeast6Private 2
nation TheronPrivate
nation thtkidPrivate
nation _Fury_Private
nation NibiruPrivate
nation ImpulsePrivate
nation killaPrivate
nation DireisPrivate
nation xxxstrikexxxPrivate
nation f4lc0Private
nation skylostPrivate
nation sonictt1Private
nation StaticDethPrivate
nation ChalkPrivate
nation LeXPrivate
nation RequiemPrivate
nation CyberHunt3rPrivate
nation AcePrivate
nation TAGglockPrivate
nation ApplejackCadet
nation 0pticCadet
nation heiser31699Cadet
nation NovemberTeamCadet
nation HawkeyeCadet
nation ElevenCadet
nation BurnoticeCadet
nation PraetorCadet
nation jaayyCadet
nation DMacCadet
nation PikeCadet
nation -TAG-ShooterCadet
nation MichonicleCadet
nation DestroyaCadet
nation B3nCadet
nation RedPhazon8Cadet
nation Kool-AidCadet
nation Whiskey0015Cadet
nation ScofieldCadet
nation GreaseizationCadet
nation victor666sCadet
nation T.A.G_CarbonCadet
nation TaGMatchstickCadet
nation JimNNailCadet
nation darkness08Cadet
nation tagpunisherCadet
nation DarthRiotCadet
nation InfernoPandaCadet
nation SteelReconCadet
nation jigsaw36Cadet
nation PizzaLord94Cadet
nation CydronCadet
nation Death-CallsCadet
nation TAGCreaturedogCadet
nation TAGliltunechiCadet
nation dudeimlegitCadet
nation MisfitCadet
nation Thingg1Cadet
nation mayafreakCadet
nation MafiaCadet
nation TwoFaceCadet
nation TriumphCadet
nation fireantShadow
nation aangShadow
nation mikeyShadow
nation fryer706thShadow
nation completekillaShadow
nation DesireShadow
nation sparksShadow
nation BlizzargaShadow
nation valkyrieguardianShadow
nation VikingStangerShadow
nation Beanman109Shadow
nation Inferno
nation Serena
nation idgaf
nation Witchdoktor

Any members on the inactive list should contact an officer as soon as possible to be reinstated on the active roster.


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