Wieners: A Brief History

By nation Fishayyyyyyyyyyyyy May 30, 2016 Comments (0)

Editor's Note: We performed no fact checking on the following article.

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Pineapples: Their Impact in the Modern Day

By nation Fishayyyyyyyyyyyyy June 4, 2012 Comments (5)

The scene: You looking at the webpage. The title: Pineapples. The thought: Wtf? The reason: to inform you all about pineapples and their impact on the world. You may think I'm insane (especially considering my past choice of article topics), but this is where you are wrong. Pineapples may be an abstract topic, perhaps too advanced for some of you to even comprehend as important, but they are. Not only are they important, they are an intriguing thing to learn about. Continue reading...

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