Three New Heroes Announced for Battlefront

By nation Capgun October 25, 2015

EA announced recently about a few more Heroes that will be accessible to players when Battlefront comes out.

Leia Organa

Leia Organa

If anybody is familiar with Star Wars, we all know who Leia is. Leia will be used as a Rebels hero, making her a menace to the Imperials. "Leia is a character who succeeds through her fearless, and strategic mind," Lead Hero Designer Jamie Keen explained. "It's clear that Leia is a leader, so in the game, she'll be used as a support role, buffing teammates, and holding positions."

One of Leia's special powers is called Trooper Bane. This power is a hard-hitting, boosted blaster shot. Trooper Bane is designed to be fired in only single bursts. This power unleashes a serious punch to your target, an Imperial will get killed from ONE BLAST of this ferocious blaster. But, against Heroes it will take only a chunk of health away, and end up temporarily stunning them.

Another power that Leia wields is called Enhanced Squad Shield. This power works along the lines of the regular Squad Shield Power Card, but it is increasingly stronger. It can end up blocking SOME force abilities, and Leia can end up shooting out of it with Trooper Bane.

Then there's another power that Leia wields, Supply Drop. Activating this power unleashes a series of crates holding a variety of power-ups for ground troopers, and even health boosts for friendly heroes.

"All of these powers lets us express how Leia actually is," EA told us. "Leia is a hard-hitting, smart, and intelligent hero. You can't make a Star Wars game without her, or any of the other Heroes, it's just how Star Wars is. We can't change that."

Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine

Villains, how could we talk about Villains without including Emperor Palpatine? Palpatine may appear as a "weak," "fragile" character to some people, but when he unleashes his powers, you'll be hoping you never said that.

One of Palpatine's main attacks is Force Lightning. Everyone is familiar with Force Lightning, it's very common for a Sith to be wielding it. The Force Lightning sets off a Chain Lightning secondary-power that shocks all troops within reach of the devastating force. Simply activating this power hits enemies in all directions around you, letting you dance around while your enemy is being electrocuted!

Another infamous power is called Force Dash. Whenever Palpatine activates Force Dash, he'll be sent in whatever direction he is facing in an extremely fast motion, causing the surrounding troopers to wonder "Where did he go?"

In addition to all of Palpatine's abilities, he is also the Imperial's "Support Villain," making him capable of providing power-ups for himself and teammates. Palpatine has a power called "Imperial Resources" where he can drop power-ups for himself and teammates.

Using these powers will make you an unstoppable force!

Han Solo

Han Solo

Oh man, the infamous Han Solo. Han Solo's gameplay is mostly geared towards lone wolf players. At the beginning of the movies, Han Solo wasn't really dependent on others. Offensive output, damage, mobility, and, of course, dress, is what this guy is all about.

One of Han's many abilities is called Rapid Shot. As this is active for a few seconds, it unleashes a fire of many shots piercing targets in the allotted range that is available. Using this power against Heroes allows you to take down a hefty chunk of health!

Another one of Han's abilities is called Lucky Shot. Using this power lets out a "build and release" power that hits hard, and is effective even against vehicles! Lucky Shot can even be used to break up Vader's block!

Lastly, there is Shoulder Charge. Inspired by the courageous acts of Episode IV: A New Hope, when Han charges in on a group of Storm Troopers. Shoulder Charge is a power used for defensive, and offensive purposes. Using this ability makes Han charge into a target and totally take them out. Using this against Heroes allows a chunk of health to be knocked away, and stun them on the ground for a few seconds.

Using Han is very dependent on strategic movements. You want to make sure that no matter what, you have the advantage over your opponent, and have a arsenal of powers to use against them!

Good luck! And don't forget all of the special power that your hero wields!

Previously announced heroes include: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

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