EA Announces New Game Modes Coming to Star Wars: Battlefront

By nation Capgun October 18, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront

EA announced to us a few days ago a few new game modes coming to Battlefront on its November release day.

Although we were only able to see three different game modes in the Beta (Walker Assault, Drop Zone, and Survival), there are still a few more modes that are yet to come.


Cargo Game Mode

Cargo is an objective based game mode, which you could argue is capture the flag. There's a cache of valuable cargo located on each team's base, where you either need to protect, or venture out and retrieve the enemy's cargo and bring it back to your base. EA describes the game mode a "tug-of-war" like concept because you don't need to have your team's cargo in order to earn points, as opposed to more traditional capture the flag game modes requiring your own flag to be present in order to score with the enemy's flag.

The scoring concept of Cargo is a little bit odd to some people. At the beginning of the game, both teams start out with a score of 5, if your team ends up holding a crate, you will gain 1 point and the enemy will lose a point, causing the score to go to 6-4. In the 15 minute time-lapse, you need to try and hold the lead, whether that's scoring the enemy's cargo, or defending yours so that the enemy team can't get a hold of your cargo.

Cargo is a 6v6 game mode; you'll need a small, symmetrical map in order to find different lanes, and be able to score the enemy's cargo. One such map is called "Rebel Depot" located in Tatooine. This map takes place out in the holes of the desert where the infamous Rebels have set up a small base. The map has three different lanes, where in the center lane, you'll find the Millennium Falcon as a part of the map! EA explained that they wanted to create a 'Hoth' atmosphere on Tatooine, and how it would be like if the Rebels took their Hoth base and relocated it to Tatooine. The Millennium Falcon works as a cover, and hiding spot for both teams, as it is mostly covered in the desert sand and dust. You'll be able to use your jump pack and grenades to try and gain a tactical advantage over your opponent!

Droid Run

Droid Run Game Mode

EA explained to us that the infamous "GNK" droids has become a favorite of theirs, and they wanted to implement it in some way, which is how Droid Run came to be.

Droid run is a 6v6 game mode with three objectives on the map that your team needs to control. They aren't just flag objectives, they're all three GNK droids! They aren't just standing still either! Your team needs to be able to catch them before the process of capturing can start, which makes it difficult on both teams. The objective is to capture and hold the GNK droids for the total 10 minutes of the match. Just like any other game mode, you'll be able to get Hero power-ups, and other trinkets on the map. Communication is a vital thing in this game mode, so make sure your teammates know where the droids are at all times!

The Droid Run maps have been created to be small, ensuring a faster-moving game, and faster tempo. There will be many map variations that you will be able to play on: Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and Jakku in December when it comes out.

Hero Hunt

Hero Hunt Game Mode

As many of you love being Heroes, Hero Hunt is a game mode where one player is either a Hero or a Villain character depending on the map that you are playing on. The other seven players of the match each spawn as troopers trying to take down the Hero. This game mode isn't like your usual one, it's a 7v1 concept where all of the troopers try to team up and take down the Hero.

If a player delivers the killing blow on a Hero, they end up taking their place as either Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or Darth Vader. And thus the hunter becomes the hunted. It's a good idea to team up with your allies if you end up seeing a Hero on your radar. Try to utilize you surroundings of natural things, or use power up cards to slow down the Hero and open fire on them! You don't want to be force choked by Vader!

Learning all of the abilities of the Hero can become a key part of Hero Hunt, so you know how to control each situation and get out of there with your life!

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