Fight Together or Die Alone

By nation -Lance January 16, 2013


Looking for a new MMO that isn't just a point and click? Want to actually try and need a team to advance successfully in level? RaiderZ was released November 20, 2012 to all that desire such a game! Here you must truly fight together or you'll die alone. Form a team, explore the new world of RaiderZ, and become a powerful mercenary to conquer all who oppose you.

Classes and Skills

Alright it's time to go more in depth with the game. In RaiderZ there are four main classes. These four include clerics, berserker, sorcerers, and defenders. All of which have multiple skills and different playing styles of combat. Clerics power their team with heal and stat buffs. Zerkers are the true strength however! All the zerkers do high damage and are the main pain dealers to any enemy. Just like the Cleric, the sorcerer is a mage type class that uses energy (magic). However these energy power houses are made for their high magic damage against multiple element types and are strong against zekers in PvP.

Every player's skills can differ in damage and type. After a certain number of skill points used in a class type, a player can pick skills from another class type. This is where the Hybrid classes and the multi-skill players come in. Interestingly enough not all of the classes can merge as easily as others. Sorcerers and Clerics both can have defender skills and use them without changing from their physical damage weapons, but a Defender will need to switch between a mace and sword to use the skills. Also Berserkers are the only class that cannot merge well with another class when using a two-handed sword as a main weapon, which is the more powerful weapon compared to the war hammer. Each class has a good and bad part about each and it's all up to you how you overcome your weaknesses!

Guilds and Economy

Like most MMO games RaiderZ has a built-in clan system. Anyone is able to make a guild with a name that hasn't been chosen already. Also the only requirement to make a guild is to have at least 1 gold piece (GP), which isn't hard to get. Unfortunately you all probably know what that means… Thousands of little guilds are everywhere! The top guilds are the ones that legitimately form teams to battle other guilds in the War Zone, the open PvP arena. Others however, are just for getting other guild members to a higher level in questing. Either way if you have even a semi-successful guild it is an enjoyable time to be had by all.

The game Economy is always in motion: Everything has a price at the market and traders come to sell their goods. It’s almost like an auction house you would see in other MMO games. Just like in the real world, prices are completely based off of supply and demand. To be successful in trade one must watch all products to try to get the most amount of money per item unit!

Getting the Game

Getting the game is simple, easy, and free all at the same time! All you need to do is go to and download the game! No fees or any cost is needed to be good at the game or play to the fullest capability of any other player in-game.

I personally recommend this game to anyone who likes MMOs and likes not playing a boring point and click game. The bosses are extremely difficult to solo on your quest line, and if you fight alone it is easy to be overwhelmed by raw power alone. Also even the story is worth reading and is very interesting if looked at carefully. It'll always keep you guessing what is really going on. Here is a little taste of the beginning of your new adventure. Be warned! There are spoilers for the first zone below!

Story and Plot

In a land plagued by monsters and vicious beasts, you arrive on the coasts of the ship-wreck town of Broken Mast. As soon as you arrive you're asked to prove your worth as a future mercenary to Tian the 'Legendary Red Shark' and leader of Broken Mast. After fulfilling her requests you are told to go assist an archaeologist because the pirate organization under Moken is trying to steal an artifact of great power that belonged to the Empire before its mysterious downfall. Successfully defeating your foes, you find a scroll in the ruins, but you are unable to tell what it really is. Everything changes in a flash.

The archaeologist warps into the room, steals the scroll, and reveals that he is Jales, a country wide criminal sorcerer who was using Moken and his men as a distraction. Soon after, a roar in the distance is heard, and the ancient evil is released! The Crawler is alive and free of its imprisonment because of the stolen scroll's magic. Your true adventure is about to unfold, but will you be able to save Broken Mast in time and discover what is really going on behind the scenes? Is this evil the very thing that destroyed the Empire and all of its former glory or is it just a creature under the bidding of something even more sinister? Only you are able to decide the future, but even here you must fight together or die alone.

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