Is Star Wars 1313 LucasArts' Answer to Republic Commando 2?

By nation Edge September 4, 2012

Star Wars 1313

At E3 this year LucasArts announced Star Wars 1313, a third-person shooter utilizing Unreal Engine 3 and designed with a notably darker undertone that deviates from other Star Wars games in a fashion reminiscent of the seemingly forgotten orphan, Republic Commando (aside from our cult following, that is).

We found out mid-2011 that LucasArts was licensing Unreal Engine 3 and more recently they began testing a new first-person shooter game. Given that Republic Commando was Unreal based, the rumors of a sequel have resurfaced with as much hopeful confidence as ever.

So did LucasArts have Republic Commando fans in mind when it decided to make 1313? It would be hard to believe they didn't take any inspiration from Republic Commdo, but despite many similarities and various rumors about the game's origin, 1313 seems to be a very stand-alone game, unrelated to any other series LucasArts has released to date.

Gameplay-wise, 1313 appears most similar to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, with third-person movement and aiming, and a limited GUI. According to IGN, it is a single-player game that will not be on handheld consoles. The former might be a big deal breaker for many players and certainly doesn't cater to the competitive gamers; the latter may also be a deal breaker for us Game Boy devotees.

Star Wars 1313 takes place underground in Coruscant, giving the player control of a bounty hunter looking to uncover a criminal conspiracy. Gameplay suggests that there will be very little, if any, lightsaber or force-based combat, basing the game entirely on gadgets and other weapons from the Star Wars universe. The weapon choices present another similarity with Republic Commando; however, there is no sign of any similar squad setup, though it doesn't appear that you lone the whole mission either.

The gameplay relies on an extremely common cover-based mechanic, making combat seem very staged and linear. Health regenerates as with most recent first- and third-person shooters, measured by how much blood is currently on the screen. The game does not seem to be very QTE- (quick time event) heavy, and although the game tries very hard to make cutscenes and gameplay connected, it ends up looking much too forced for the transition to be smooth.

At this point in game development, very little is known about the story or gameplay, and we have yet to see any sort of multiplayer implementation. But knowing LucasArts' style of game development, they will most likely change many basic mechanics in the game before its release (a date for which is yet to be announced), making it difficult to judge the game from early trailers.

Our burning question, however, still remains: Is a Republic Commando sequel still a possibility, or did Star Wars 1313 eat it like a fetal twin? It seems that some hope for the former, more desirable circumstance, still remains.

In the meantime, enjoy the 1313 trailer below:

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i really hope they contunie with this idea becasue it is great it looks really good

nation -TAG-FoCuS  Wed., Mar. 26, 2014 1:14:06 AM  

Personally I definitly do not see this as an answer to RC 2. As said by many, different gameplay style (completely), the concept seems different, and the style seems more like an attempt to compete with the popular growing style of gameplay dawned by Uncharted, tomb raider, and (from what i have seen) Last of Us, and games like those. Personally I believe the best chance we have of a RC 2 this late after #1 would be this:

Lucas arts is back in bed with longo, the Star Wars: Republic Commando’s creative director. And multiple other hit games (star wars and otherwise). I personally think lucas arts is FINALLY cracking down on the game market. but i mean in a BIG WAY! they solved movie rights to disney and now they are gonna be playing heavy in games. 1313 is just the start to a huge star wars gaming franchise to come. so the hope of a RC 2 just got brighter. plus longo was the creative director on the first one, i think he would be more than excited to make a second and complete the series he helped start.

So everyone CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!

nation afroturf101  Tue., Feb. 19, 2013 6:58:39 PM  

I don't think it is because no multiplayer and diff kind of gameplay. Like the person mode is a little different.

nation Fate  Thu., Jan. 17, 2013 5:18:20 AM  

I really don't know if this is our answer to Republic Commando 2.Keep in mind that this could be our answer to Star Wars Battlefront 3.Besides Lucasarts said battlefront 3 was to release two years ago but it never did.We'll find out but for now i really don't know.

nation Ghost_Rider  Wed., Nov. 14, 2012 1:38:54 AM  

Not really Republic Commando 2 as it's third-person... Plus Lucasarts hasn't released anything good since Empire at War Forces of Corruption since they like making clone wars games and any the clone wars game is not fun for anyone but a five year old. Or at least I haven't played one that is actually good. Black Mesa is out though. And so is CS:GO. AND Faster Then Light. Plus Transformers: fall of Cybertron. Week of good game releases. I'm gonna go back to sucking at all those games now. :)

nation Mando  Sun., Sep. 16, 2012 5:01:32 AM  

some parts of that show are actually pretty awesome not gonna lie

nation Chris  Thu., Sep. 13, 2012 4:50:38 AM  

@Dead_Eye their cartoon show? A quick look on Wikipedia and it seems like it's probably making them decent money. IDK if it's the optimal investment, but doesn't seem like a waste anyway.

My biggest issue with that show is how it seems like they try to strike a balance and pretty much fail: It's too cheesy for me to appreciate, and yet more violent than I would expect for a kids show. But it's clear that younger kids are their primary intended audience, so I guess the question is how much is that demographic worth? And I'm betting a lot, since they could become Star Wars fans for life.

Sorry, I probably took your comment a lot more literally than you intended.

nation lead  Wed., Sep. 12, 2012 3:04:07 AM  

Am I right when I say that LucasArts is foolishly devoting time and money to the Star Wars: the Clone Wars thing?

nation HappyTrooper  Mon., Sep. 10, 2012 9:26:54 PM  


nation HappyTrooper  Mon., Sep. 10, 2012 9:26:17 PM  

Hopefully LucasArts will come back to FPS's and make SWBF3 and SWRC2. And if we are lucky, they might wait until UE4 to do it.

nation Infiniti  Fri., Sep. 7, 2012 7:55:28 PM  

i like how the lasers go faster than 1 meter a second like in repcom where you had to aim 500 feet in front of your target.

nation Mr.Bunny  Fri., Sep. 7, 2012 6:53:44 AM  

Crap, that was actually my bad I thought it was either and added that first sentence. Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

nation lead  Wed., Sep. 5, 2012 12:14:43 AM  

Unless something has changed 1313 is a third person shooter not a first person shooter.

nation FatherSabre  Tue., Sep. 4, 2012 5:51:14 PM  


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