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By nation -Lance February 26, 2012

Tribes: Ascend Beta

First person shooters too slow for you? Want to move as fast as possible and actually want to get somewhere fast? Like high speed chases? Tribes Ascend is definitely the game for you then, good sir! Tribes: Ascend is a fast paced first person shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios and runs on Unreal Engine 3. This game is a one of a kind that masters the art of high speed fighting in death match, team death match, and capture the flag games.

Ascend Classes & Load Outs

Tribes Ascend features a class based load out system that determines what kind of weapons and armor you can carry. The armor types can range from light, to move more quickly, but takes more damage; medium, for average speed and armor; and heavy armor, which does not allow as much speed, but protects the user more than the other armors. These three armor types are used by all the classes, but if you don't pay to get more classes sooner you start out with only three and the classes are Pathfinder--light, Soldier--Medium, and Juggernaut--heavy. Other classes can be earned through gaining XP by playing or you can buy new classes with gold, which you receive by paying with real money.

For each of the above armor types and classes there are also three weapons that can be supported at one time along with certain types of mines or grenades. One must have good aim for any of these weapons because everyone is moving so fast if you miss you'll lose your chance to steal the flag or kill the enemy team's flag guards.

Just like how certain classes have certain types of armor, they also have different types of weapons that they can use. The Ranger has an assault gun that deals average damage to the enemy, but it is one of the weapons where you need to keep hitting the enemy to get the kill you need. Unlike the Ranger, the Soldier class is by far the best balanced character to play as in the beginning. His one-shot beam explosive, called a Spin Fuser, that does area damage so even if you miss by just a little you may deal damage to a group of enemies. The Soldier class as a secondary has an eagle pistol that deals a fair amount of damage on contact with an enemy. However, all of this relies on the main aspect of Tribes Ascend: Speed is the key my friends!

The Speed Game

When you load out and enter the match with your custom class there is only one thing left to do. Kill as many as possible with your team in the possession of the flag. Every weapon in the game has a travel time so you'll have to lead your shoots and judge where the opponent will go to attack him. Also if you don't keep moving you'll get blown up yourself so this is where you must learn how to ski and jet pack well.

Ski Basics
Image credit: Tribes on Wikia

Gaining speed in this game is all about physics and knowing when to use your jet pack and when not to. Ski down a hill, jet pack up one to the next hill, and drop going down the hill to gain tremendous acceleration. This style of skiing is a very successful way of traveling for flag bearers, who if not fast enough, get killed. Remember to know when to speed up and when to slow down along with using good judgment in travel time, and you will succeed almost every time. Speed is the key in every case in Tribes Ascend.

Getting Beta

Can't wait to get the game like most people? Get the beta so you can play before everyone else! Getting beta is even easier now than it was ever before! You can get beta off of Facebook by liking Hi-Rez's Tribes: Ascend page. Get the game and let's see how fast you take secure the flag before I can.

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