Purble Place is Intense Matching and Cakes

By nation Fishayyyyyyyyyyyyy February 3, 2012

Some of you people reading this who have been living under rocks your whole lives may be wondering right now: What is Purble Place? The answer is one of the most revolutionary games known to man, appealing to people of all ages. With a collection of three game modes and many settings, it undoubtedly has more appeal than anything you have played before.

Purble Pairs

The first game setting is a common one throughout games: A matching game. The objective of this game mode is simple: Flip over two cards per turn, get the cards to match, and find all the matching pairs in the fewest turns possible. Players can use something called a "sneak peek" bonus which flips all of the cards on the screen for a few moments, though it counts as a whole turn. Not only is this game mode fun and exciting, but you won't have your parents yelling about it because it helps prevent memory loss! [Editor's note: Some studies suggest that mental stimulation, perhaps as in certain memory games, may help maintain cognitive function in old age by improving neural connections.] Who can say no to that?! The different difficulties in this mode are drastically different, being beginner with one 5x5 grid, intermediate with two 6x6 grids, and expert with four 8x8 grids. You think this sounds easy? Try doing expert once without using "sneak peek" and you will understand just how difficult the learning curve of this fast-paced action-packed extreme matching game is.

Purble Pairs

Comfy Cakes

Of course, considering I have thus far discussed only one game within Purble Place, there is more to tell you! The second game mode is a wonderful thing named Comfy Cakes. Comfy Cakes, as I'm guessing many of you could have guessed, is a game with cakes!! The objective of the game is to fill cake orders. You need to create a multilevel cake by choosing the batter, the shape, the icing, filing, and other decorations. However, if you have a short attention span like me, you will put down the batter and then undo, watching an amusing animation where the batter splutter sucks the batter back up the tube. But, otherwise, you may want to try and win. The difficulty comes in with a time limit (scared yet?) and a penalty to each incorrect order. As if that isn't hard enough, the game gets even HARDER at higher levels to where you have to make two cakes at once!

Comfy Cakes

Purble Shop

Now, I'm guessing you can do math, so you know what number game this is. This last game is named Purble Shop and in this game, the Purbles themselves finally make an appearance! The objective of the game is to get the Purbles' features correctly positioned on them (hat, eyes, nose, clothes, and mouth) in a certain order. In beginner mode, you only have to position three different objects in three different colors, leaving 27 possible solutions. Okay, that doesn't sound too bad, right? Sure, but at intermediate it jacks all the way up to four options and four possible colors, or 256 possible solutions. I have no doubts that you are gasping and staring at the screen with an expression of horror, thinking, "How would I possibly manage to do that?!?!?!" 256 options is nothing compared to expert mode. With five options and five different colors, that wimpy 256 combinations transforms to a jaw dropping 3125!!! Not only does the number of combinations skyrocket, but unlike the first two difficulties, where the computer tells you what parts you got wrong, the expert mode only gives you subtle hints. However, your valor for getting it correct does not go unrewarded; you get badges based on your number of guesses and difficulty level. These badges range in bragging rights from a lowly Junior Detective all the way to a Purble Master!

No doubt at this point you are embarrassed that you used to play measly games like Star Wars Republic Commando or Team Fortress 2, and you want to get the game as soon as you possibly can. Fortunately, this game is so cool, it comes preinstalled on Windows computers (XP Media Center, Vista, and 7)... theoretically making its sales surpass nearly every popular PC game out there!

Purble Place

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I like this game. Unfortunately this game and others removed from new versions of Windows. But it is still possible to play it http://www.kodyaz.com/articles/download-purble-place-for-windows-10-play-windows7-games.aspx

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Mind = Blown

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Nicely written

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