Defend the Core!

By nation Flare November 4, 2011

Defend your Sanctum

Looking for a game that isn't just a first-person shooter, but something with an objective? Want a game that isn't like Call of Duty or Age of Empires? Well I have something to tell you friend! That game you are looking for is now free to play for two days and is super cheap if you want to buy it! Your favorite tower defense and FPS have now been combined! What do you get you may ask? Sanctum is what you're getting, the one-of-a-kind FPS tower defense game. Sanctum is set in a futuristic battlefield where alien hordes are charging in to destroy your city's power core. Now here's how I'm going to grab your attention: Video presentation of course!

Incoming Alien Hordes!

Usually for a tower defense game people say "Oh that's bound to be boring. I'd rather shoot things and run around in a FPS game." Lucky for you Sanctum is a FPS and a tower defense game! You can get an assortment of weapons just like in any FPS. Players can get snipers, machine guns, engineer building devices, and much more. This type of game-play truly is different from every other T.D. game. Then we might have certain players that have played a normal T.D. game and say, "Probably just single player FPS right? No team, no fun to be had." This is where you are again wrong my friend! Sanctum features not just single player but also an online 4 player co-op! Getting exciting yet? Hope so, but if not here's two last bonuses for you to get to play this game! Today, November 3rd, and until Saturday, November 5th, Sanctum is Free-to-Play on Steam! Hurry everyone go download it now while you still can for free! But if you don't get there fast enough I have hope for you! The game is also extremely cheap. It's actually only $4.99 on Steam ($9.99 after November 7). Dang guys! That's pretty cheap for a unique FPS - T.D. game that was independently developed just for you, the gamer. Don't get too overwhelmed by the hordes and go make your team with other great tower defenders! Will you save the city from the pending attack or will your building skills not be enough for the over powering alien invasion?

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Side note: This was originally a project built using the UDK, great game, pretty graphics intensive though.

nation Jasi  Sat., Nov. 5, 2011 1:43:30 AM  


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