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By nation -Lance October 31, 2011

The New Strategy Game: Stronghold 3

Don't you want something more interesting than Age of Empires when you're feeling up to playing a strategy game? Isn't there something with more realistic warfare out there in the gaming world? Well, good sir, there is and it's the newly released game called Stronghold 3! Stronghold 3 is a multi/single-player strategy game set in the medieval time when the Black Plague was rolling around town. Even the castles are accurate when they are compared to the ones in history. But who cares about accuracy; let's destroy everyone else's castle while we build ours like crazy! Now I shall proceed in getting you to become the next world's best castle maker and destroyer!

The Castle Destroyer & Builder

For those of you who are like, "Why would I want to play something like this when I already have Age of Empires II?" Well here's a question for you: Can you throw burning logs out of your castle at the incoming enemy on AoE II? I think not! Yes, burning logs is one of the many great features of in Stronghold 3. Want to know another cool thing you can do? I'll give you a hint: Biological Warfare. Did you guess right or you just reading this to find out because you don't know? Just like in the past and in some movies like The Lord of the Rings, you can catapult dead animals into an enemy's castle to scare the crap out of them! While they're disturbed about falling dead animals, use the remaining catapults to breach the walls. When you get in you better be ready though! They may have traps on the inside of their walls just like the outside! Go in and kill them all! Make sure your castle is the last one left, but physical conquest isn't the only thing that needs to be done, you must show your opponent up with your epic economy as well!

Now I should mention the other type of conquest, economy conquest. If you don't watch out, your castle will be raided. How can you avoid all things gentlemen? Money of course! More like resources like gold, timber, stone, and other materials but hey, you have to have those people who buy their way to winning, right? Use your resources wisely and you can build castles, traps, and make new soldiers for your army. Watch out though, the enemy is doing the same or even better! Remember children: Money is as important as fighting and destroying your neighbor's best castle! And with that, I shall be preparing to raid your castle good sir, while you sit there and read this article! Are you good enough to be the next greatest castle maker?

Get the game:

Stronghold 3 [Download]
Stronghold 3 [Download]

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