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By nation -Lance September 26, 2011

Recap of Global Agenda

Hey guys it's been a while since I made my original article about Global Agenda so we'll start with a recap of what was in that article. First off Global Agenda is a free MMO third person shooter game that is set in a futuristic 2155 time period where freedom doesn't exist. This game's players feature a class system consisting of medics, assaults, recons, and robotics. Each class has three specials and you may level up in any of those three. For example if you're a medic you can level a healing spec and be the healer for your team or you may go for a poison medic which would do more damage and be a more offensive spec. When I first talked about Global Agenda it only had one zone and no repeatable quests. Yeah I know what a drag. Having to grind for points on mercenary missions just to level up was a pain for all of the Global Agenda players. Even though this was true, people kept at it and stayed with the game and now they have been rewarded! With all of this in mind I will now talk about the newest update for Global Agenda which makes all of these things even better.

Recursive Colony

Alright now that you know what the game is about again, I'll explain what is so new and great about the expansion that was released last week! I bet many of you are like, "What the hell is this update and just tell us already!?", so I'll just say the most obvious thing first. There's a new zone and more quests for you to play on. What does this mean? Well it means that you may now get even further than level 20 with quests and not have to grind on missions like I've stated before. You might say, "Well how is this going to be any better than the crap before when it only had two instances and all the quests could be soloed?" then I would say that you're terribly wrong if you think it's going to be the same deal this time. This new zone, which is called North Sonora, has quests that can be repeated daily. Also there are tons more instances so you'll need a team to complete them and these instances cannot be soloed with any class. Are the non-instance quests easy? No they are not my good sir! Even though you may not be doing a quest, there are drones running around the desert trying to kill you and everyone else. Right when you leave Dome City they will be hunting you down, and they are constantly attacking the front gates to the Dome. So all and all, Global Agenda is a lot harder MMO to play than it was before.

I hope all of you who have played this game at least try out North Sonora, and if you haven't played Global Agenda before then go ahead and download it for free off of their website with the Recursive Colony update included for free as well. Don't expect this to be the last update for this game though! Updates are made quarterly so a new zone or something even bigger will come out later on down the road. Have fun and go try it out Agents!

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