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By nation Fishayyyyyyyyyyyyy August 11, 2011

Fans of Zelda across the globe have been eagerly awaiting the next console Zelda game after the release of Twilight Princess for the Wii. Finally, at the E3 press conference, information was learned about the upcoming title in the Zelda series, Skyward Sword, and much to everyone's surprise, the game has more differences with Twilight Princess than expected.

The graphics and game play are a lot different than TP (Twilight Princess). Instead of using the realistic graphics style of TP, Nintendo is sticking with a more cartoon-like style closer to Wind Waker. The game play includes a huge difference that has never been seen before: Your character can no longer hold onto vines forever. They have included a stamina meter for such feats, and when it runs out, you can't do anything until it recharges. In addition, the game utilizes the Wii MotionPlus to give you more control than ever seen before over your sword and inventory. For instance, to use the bow, you use the Nunchuk to aim and pull back on the Wiimote to shoot.

The inventory that we have seen also includes quite a few changes from its predecessors. There has not been a Hookshot or Clawshot mentioned in the game, which is different from nearly every Zelda title. Instead, there is speculation that the whip that is returning from Spirit Tracks will serve its purpose. The other biggest difference to the inventory seen thus far is the addition of a never before seen item, the beetle. The beetle appears to let you fly around a room and collect items, hit switches, and solve puzzles inside the dungeons.

Now for the plot-

You embody the character of Link once again in the city of Skyloft in, well, the sky. The people of Skyloft use giant birds as their mounts and mode of transportation to get from place to place. But one day, while riding his bird with a childhood friend, Zelda, a black vortex swoops her off her mount, and a giant whale eats her. Link goes on a quest to save her and goes to the previously unknown world below. The antagonist, Demon Lord Ghirahim, rules the surface world and tries to stop Link and kidnap Zelda for himself. The game comes before Ocarina of Time, and may elaborate on Ganondorf's appearance.

The game was announced to be released around holidays 2011 at E3. We have no specific date, but it is expected that it will be released around November and December. It is supposedly the last big title for the Wii, and will come out with a special edition gold Wiimote.

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