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Computer Shutting Off at Windows Logo

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I have a Sabertooth 990FX motherboard. This isn't the first time I've installed Windows 10 on this computer (I was having issues with a corrupted operating system before, so I've reinstalled Windows several times). Basically, I managed to get Windows 10 to install successfully with no corruption issues. I went into the BIOS to check some sleep settings since a new problem is that my computer won't sleep since Windows 10 was installed, and while I was in there, I enabled a USB 3.0 fast charging feature and since then, every other time that I boot the computer, it shuts off a few seconds after the Windows logo displays, but before the loading circle even shows up. Then I turn the computer back on again manually and it boots. But after I shut it down and the next time I try to boot it, it will do the same thing and shut off and then I will have to turn it on again manually and it will work. I went back and changed the settings back to their defaults, even flashed the BIOS to the latest version and the problem hasn't resolved. Is it possible the motherboard is now dead because I changed a simple setting?

Please help.

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