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Top Commando 1v1 2017

nation Viral
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Hello, TAG :ninja:
I'm posting on some of the older RC clan forums to see if anyone would still be interested in participating in a 1v1 tournament for SWRC. I will be administering this tournament along with selected others who will help enforce all the rules, regulations,and help with questions asked, etc. Basically, I setup a discord where all you have to do is state your in game name and time span you're available for the tournament. (I will be helping administer) The admin's will try their best to put you against people around times you are comfortable. Please do not join the discord if you are not going to participate inside the tournament. But what will the winner receive? The winner will receive a $20 steam card if he/she takes first place inside the bracket. This will be on a US server but any euros feel free to join/steal ideas from me as you'd like if anyone is interested. If this is tournament is successful, I wouldn't mind creating more of these. Especially with the remastered game eventually coming out. I will post the rules and more information below.

1. All matches must be played while an admin is online and also actively watching the match. Admins cannot participate inside the tournament.

2. Players participating MUST use this discord AND put their timezones available of when they are able to participate in the tournament inside the signup_sheet channel. After everyone is registered, the bracket will be made and constantly updated per match.

3. For each match all players will play to 15. Both players decide what maps to choose from. Each player must play to the best of 3 games, the player with the more wins per match will result in that player winning and also advancing to the next match. Players are also allowed to 1v1 on custom maps. Maps are also linked onto the discord.

4. Players who are absent after being scheduled to their matches will receive TWO warnings per match, the THIRD absence will result in automatic forfeit, and the other player will advance to the next matchup.

5. If one player has to hold/pause during a match the other must not move at all.
Failure to follow will first be warned. No noob-weapons allowed. NOTE: nadespamming is allowed.

6. CENTERVIEW and TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW are not allowed, but ANY sort of beneficial modifications,ghosting,excessive abuse of glitches, cheating is prohibited. For example: A clientmod,macros,custom scripts. Players who fail to follow this rule will automatically be forfeited.

7. If a player suspects his opponent of modifying the game, he must find a way to prove the admin wrong,or it will result in automatic forfeit from the tournament. If there is enough evidence against the players assumption via administrator then the player will be unaffected. If an admin suspects a player of using any visual assistance, you must provide a screenshot of the current match within a 5 second time period when asked, if an admin is suspicious of how long before the screenshot is taken he/she must follow procedure. Players may choose to record their matches and will also remain unaffected.

8. Players are not forced to play matches, and are able to forfeit matches.

9. Players are not allowed to sub other players games or use any other player's name/alias.
^ Failure to follow this rule will result in automatically disqualified from advancing.

10. Admins will record player K/D ratios while in spectator.

11. Players do not have to provide a screenshot of the matches they played.

12. Players cannot stay put inside vents or secluded areas for more than 1 minute so this prevents longer matches and camping.
Some examples are: Door areas,vents,catwalks,tunnels,close corners, etc.

Current prizepool: $20 steam card for the winner of this 1v1 tournament. Thank you for the donation Blitz!

If you have any suggestions or problems, please contact me via steam/discord.

And a last thank you to everyone who helped me in the making of this tournament.

Last edited by Viral Wed., Jul. 12, 2017 11:44:35 PM
nation Helios
Thanks for accepting me! Great to be back! :DAvatar
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I would have done this a few years ago, but not now.


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