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I've used XandourTheMalicious in Leagues, but I don't know what happened to that account. I've been playing on V3rmit for a while.

Gaming Style
I just started getting into ranked and I'm primarily a support. I'm starting to open my pool a little going from Sona to Rakan until I feel I'm good enough with Rakan to learn Braum. I had most of the champions on Xandour The Malicious, but as I said the account seems to be messed up. I can't get the password for it (though I know what it is, the launcher won't accept it).
I can play adc okay, but I want to stick with Support as my main and maybe mid as my alt for now.

I think I write pretty well and I don't get tilted easily.

Other Info
Searched for League of Legends clans and this was one of the first ones to pop up. I'd like to have a voice chat with people so I can communicate better and hopefully learn more from others so I can improve my game.

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nation Infiniti
Shiina. Mashiro. <3Avatar
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I'll play with you as long as you are Diamond I or higher.

"Ever since you told me not to go, you held me so tight... Your voice is still in my ears... Is this... Love?" ~Shiina, Mashiro (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

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