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Funny/Scary,School/Work Stories.

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I'm not new to this, coming from the 6 side.Avatar
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Just thought this would be a fun idea for a forum topic. Since I didn't see anyone post something like this I'll do it.

I'll start off.

My current job is a cook at a local restaurant in town. I work in the kitchen by myself most days and I typically clean as well, sometimes I have help. I work night shifts during the weekdays after school and I work mornings on weekends.

Monday night, 7:00, finishing up the last two pizzas I needed to make for the bowlers (It's also a bowling alley) then my last task was to clean. I had one hour of work left and I wasn't allowed to leave until my work area was clean. Decided to put the pizzas in and then clean (Mop the floor, clean the grill and utensils).

Finish all my cleaning and perfect timing too because the pizzas were all done and ready to be put out. Also, I was excited because I could leave early (Now it was about 7:20 at this point). Take the first pizza out and cut it, making sure the slices weren't stuck together and put it out in the small cooker by the bowling area. I head back to the second pizza and begin to cut it, this is when things begin to get bad. I'm cutting and almost done when I notice the pan is a little off the counter. I panic for some strange reason and drop the whole pizza on the floor. THE WHOLE PIZZA. I lay on the floor, trying not to cry, then cry a lot. I get up and begin making a new one, I then look at the clock and it was already 7:33 and I'm already realizing I'm not getting off early. While I'm cooking the pizza again I'm mopping the floors again as well.

Anyways, I finish the pizza and the cleaning and by that time it's the end of my shift and I'm sad because I couldn't leave early and the whole staff laughed at me for dropping the pizza.

Now when I walk in everyone says "Hey Fumbles".

Each battle lost is to my own gain.
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Now when I walk in everyone says "Hey Fumbles".

I work in IT...its always my fault.
fuck teachers and their fucking tech problems because they do not even fucking try to fix it. Oh let me put a ticket in for a simple fucking restart

Oh yeah for my funny story I will tell the time the whole network went down last year right around now. Now keep in mind it was my day off. I get a call around 10 am to come in because the whole network was down. On my way there rushing because it's a 30-45 min drive(35miles) I come along a construction area with the normal speed limit. As I am flying down the throughway in the third lane because construction was using the first lane so everyone was shifted over one lane the car in front of me suddenly moves into the 2nd lane with no blinker. As I look back forward from being confused about why this person did this there is a fucking 55mph construction sign in the middle of the fucking lane. I pop my blinkers and slow down and trying to move into the center lane(2nd lane) I get rammed from behind. The person the hit me and I pull over and get out of our cars and both look at each other than at the sign and go what the fuck. A few minutes later one of the construction workers come over to move the sign and go sorry the wind must have moved it as the guy that hit me totaled his car while mine had to get the bumper replaced. Needless to say i never made it to fix the network that was down. Oh and the internal network that was fine, the ISP fucked up.
Internet survice providers are litterly hittler

TL: DR: Speed limit sign caused me to get rammed from behind.

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