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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is a first/third-person shooter released in 2005, between when Revenge of the Sith premiered in theaters and its release on DVD.

The plot of the game's story-guided campaign mode revolves around the elite 501st Legion of clone troopers. It starts off with the Republic's first deployment of clones on Geonosis, which serves as a training mission and does well to bring the player along the gameplay style and storyline. The campaign brings the player into most of the battles of the Clone Wars that appeared in Revenge of the Sith, including the transition from the Republic to the Galactic Empire and then through several battles in the Galactic Civil War to end on the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Capture the Flag

This game mode can be played with either one or two flags. In the former, a flag is placed somewhere in the middle, or otherwise neutral area, of the map and you must score it on the opposing team; this applies to space battles as well. The latter is the more common in shooter games where you must carefully steal the other team's flag and bring it to your base.


This mode consists of eliminating the other team's army by depleting its reinforcement count, which may be a combination of brute force (killing them off) and capturing command posts and destroying vital structures or vehicles that act as command posts. Note that if your team loses control of command posts and reaches a critically low point your reinforcement count begins to drop steadily.

Hero Assault

This consists of taking the role of the famous Star Wars heroes and villains and fighting against each other to the death. Many of the servers modded this feature up to the point in which you can't use gunner characters (such as Boba Fett or Han Solo) however.

Space Assault

In this mode you accomplish victory by eliminating enemy space crafts and destroying vital structures on their capital ships, with methods of infiltrating the capital ship and destroying structures from within or by attacking ship-to-ship from the outside.


In this mode you are either the hunter, playing on one of the typical teams, or the hunted playing as one of the many creatures in the vast and varied Star Wars universe. Sometimes, it can prove very competitive.

Character Classes

Standard Classes

  • Soldier/Standard Infantry
  • Sniper
  • Heavy Assault/Demolition
  • Engineer

Team-specific Classes

  • Clone Commander (Republic)
  • Jet Trooper (Republic)
  • Imperial Officer (Empire)
  • Dark Trooper (Empire)
  • Bothan Spy (Rebels)
  • Wookie (Rebels)
  • Magna Guard (CIS)
  • Droideka (CIS)

Space Classes

  • Pilot
  • Marine

Patches & Game Updates

Update 1.1 Released 2/15/2006

Update 1.1 fixes several bugs, improves performance of online play, and adds support for additional maps. This patch is required to play on servers running the update (i.e. most servers).

Download Now (26.5 MB)
Other Versions: International DVD Download Now (57.6 MB), International English CD-ROM Download Now (26.5 MB)

System Requirements



OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500 or faster

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Graphics: 64 MB 3D graphics card with vertex shader and pixel shader (VS/PS) capability

Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Hard Drive: Minimum 4.3 GB free space

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